Chlorine Dioxide [ClO2] Water Purification Drops - With Citric Acid - 50ml/ 100ml


With pipette for easy dispensing.

1 x 25% Sodium Chlorite - 50ml/ 100ml
2 x 50% Citric Acid - 50ml /100ml
Mix Components 1:1 25% Sodium Chlorite + 50% Citric Acid

Pipette: Chlorine Dioxide Drops + Citric Acid - 50ml - 100ml

  • 25% NaClO2 + 50% Citric Acid
    Ingredients 1: Sodium Chlorite 25% [Chlorine Dioxide Precursor]
    Directions: Mix 1:1 equal drops of Sodium Chlorite [25%] solution with equal drops of acid activator. 
    Ingredients 2: Citric Acid 50% [Activator]
    Directions: Mix 1:1 equal drops of 50% Citric Acid with equal drops of Sodium Chlorite [25%] solution precursor. 
    Mix in glass, plastic, ceramic or other non-metal holder. 
    Wait until the mixture turns amber and Chlorine Dioxide [ClO2] is produced, then add to water.
    Mix drops as needed. Do not use entire bottle at once.
    ClO2 is recognised by WHO as an effective biocide for the treatment of bacteria, viruses, fungi, protozoa and parasites in water.
    25% NaClO2 Precursor and Activator Must Be Mixed Before Use. 
    Use biocide responsibly.
    Keep out of the reach of children.
    Always replace cap after use. 
    Store out direct sunlight.
    Produced in Germany
    Products used:
    CAS: 77-92-7 
    CAS: 7758-19-2

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