Why Switch To eClO2 Water Purifying Drops

The normal chlorine dioxide water purifying treatment sold for outdoor pursuits has 3% NaClO2 or Sodium Chlorite to eClO2 25% NaClO2.

That means that you need to use 10x the drops to purify the same amount of water. Further for each 3% NaClO2 drop, you are using the same amount of the 4% HCL acid activator as is used for eClO2's 25% NaClO2 solution.

It is the same product except that the sodium chlorite in the standard formula is more dilute. To create this product in an emergency, you can simply add 10 drops of the 3% NaClO2 to 1 drop of the 4% HCL activator.

For the standard 3% solution it is recommended that you use 12 drops, and then double this amount if there is a known virus or pathogen in the water.

There needs to be 10 drops over 8 drops, of the 3% NaClO2 added, because there is an added acid in the standard 3% NaClO2 formula which is 5% phosphoric acid used is sodas, fizzy drinks or colas to give it that tangy taste.

The amount of acid takes away from the other potential uses of this product. We can't go into all of them but potentially this could be a lifesaver or you can avoid a lot of unnecessary distress. What we can go into is the products use in first aid. You might wash an area of the body to prevent infection such as the feet with blisters, with a few extra drops added to the purified water. 

When most people hear chlorine in chlorine dioxide they think it's the chlorine that's doing the job, but it's the oxygen. ClO2 is more like a mild hydrogen peroxide.