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Don't Travel Without eClO2

Only 1-2 drops needed to purify a litre of water.


Switch To eClO2 Water Purifying Drops


The normal chlorine dioxide water purifying treatment sold for outdoor pursuits contains 3% NaClO2 or Sodium Chlorite to eClO2 25% NaClO2. That means that you need to use 10x the activated drops to purify the same amount of water. 

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  • Convenient plastic bottle perfect for survival/outdoor pursuits

  • Use 1-2 drops to purify a litre of water

  • 30ml bottle will purify over 300 litres of water

  • Chlorine Dioxide effectively kills waterborne bacteria, virus and protozoa. 

  • ClO2 uses oxygen and not Chlorine to kill pathogens

  • The leftover Chlorine bonds with Sodium to form table salt or NaCl

  • eClo2 water purifying drops are not only ideal for outdoor sports or survival gear but for travel to countries where the water treatment systems are not the best and even bottled water is not assured.