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Lugol's Iodine 15% Solution - 30ml

Lugol's Iodine 15% Solution - 30ml




Since its discovery by Barnard Courtois in 1811, iodine has been an essential and valuable component in aspects of human life. It has been historically used to treat ailments such as goitre, and is also responsible for the production of thyroid hormones, which are vital for maintaining a healthy metabolism, as well as positive development of both the brain and the central nervous system. Iodine also promotes strong physical growth of the human body. Considering these facts, as well as its utility for disinfection and treatment of physical wounds and other ailments it is clear that iodine is a fundamental element for our personal health and development.


As well as assisting with the physical development of our bodies, iodine also has a profound effect on our cognitive development, and is an extremely important tool for fighting against diseases such as Hashimoto’s thyroiditis (hypothyroidism). It has proven itself to be an absolutely pivotal element in human life, through its various applications. Its long history as a crucial element in the field of medicine, as well as its status as a necessity in the human diet, demonstrate its significance not only for our health, but in our daily lives. Thus, it is of the utmost importance that we have access to iodine whenever possible; its versatility and utility cannot be understated by any means.


What Is Lugol’s Iodine?


Developed by the French physician J.G.A. Lugol in 1829, the tincture known as Lugol’s Iodine consists of both potassium iodide and iodine itself. At a 15% concentration, each drop contains approximately 5mg of iodine, and 10mg of potassium iodide. Since its inception, it has had a myriad of different use cases, many of which pertain to human health. Two of the most compelling uses of this solution are in its ability for both water purification and disinfection, and wound sterilisation.

One of the most important uses of Lugol’s Iodine is its utility as a decontaminator. It is extremely potent at cleaning and disinfecting physical wounds. As well as this, it works efficiently as an emergency disinfectant for water, and is of great use during times when clean water is not accessible. Ensuring that we have access to cleaner, sanitised water is crucial, and is something that can easily be achieved thanks to the potential of Lugol’s Iodine. Considering its ability to help disinfect both physical wounds and water, the tincture works very effectively as part of a personal survival kit.

Lugol’s Iodine is also useful for purposes other than as a disinfectant. It provides an essential supplement to alleviate iodine deficiencies that occur in the human body. Alongside this, Lugol’s Iodine also helps protect the human body’s thyroid gland, and facilitates proper thyroid function, by preventing low thyroid hormone production in the body. As hypothyroidism is commonly linked to ailments such as depression, tiredness and weight gain, Lugol’s Iodine is critical for ensuring that we thrive and live more healthily.